Sandra Schreuder

Sales Agent

Hello, I am Sandra, a passionate real estate agent with a love for languages and a strong international perspective. Born and raised in the Netherlands, my professional journey took me from accounting to the dynamic real estate market in Rotterdam.

After years of working in the financial sector, I discovered my true passion for real estate and decided to give my career a new direction. The vibrant real estate world of Rotterdam has piqued my interest and fueled my thirst for knowledge about properties.

Living in Spain for eight years, I am thrilled to share my expertise and love for real estate with my clients in sunny Spain. With fluent Dutch, English, Spanish, and German in my arsenal, I am committed to providing a seamless experience for international clients.

My approach is characterized by patience and attention to my clients’ desires. I understand that real estate decisions are important and personal. Whether you are looking for your dream home or an investment opportunity, I am ready to guide you and ensure that your real estate experience goes smoothly and satisfactorily.

Let’s open the doors to your next real estate adventure together. Contact me for a personal conversation.