What our clients say about us

What our clients say about us

"In 2022 I had the pleasure of working with Patricia from Unikk Home to sell my villa in Estepona Buenas Noches Beach. Her profound knowledge of the local market was immediately evident, and she provided us with invaluable advice on how to sell our home quickly and at the best possible price. The efficiency with which Patricia organized viewings and managed offers was remarkable. She made the entire selling process seem effortless, handling every detail with professionalism and ease. I was thoroughly impressed by her quick response and the smooth handling of the transaction. I highly recommend Patricia and Unikk Home to anyone looking for an expert real estate service that makes the complex process of selling a property feel simple and straightforward."

Jose Jesús Fuentes L. Client Owner 2023

"I reached out to Unikk Home as they had a listing that perfectly matched what I had been searching for a long time – a spacious beachfront property ideal for vacations and eventual retirement. The property was exactly as I desired: directly on the beach, expansive, and in a tranquil setting. The attention and service provided by Unikk Home were outstanding. They were attentive to our needs and made the purchasing process smooth and straightforward. Ultimately, we were able to acquire the property we had been longing for, thanks to the professionalism and dedication of the Unikk Home team."

Catherine Dausse Buyer Client 2023

"I had an great experience working with Patricia from Unikk Home for the sale of my villa in Estepona Valle Romano. The agency's commitment to my needs was exceptional, offering honest and expert advice every step of the way. Patricia and her team exceeded my expectations, employing creative and effective strategies to market my property. Their dedication resulted in a quick sale, and I was thoroughly supported throughout the entire process. I recommend Unikk Home, and in fact, I'm now considering purchasing a vacation apartment on the Costa del Sol. Without a doubt, I will be relying on Patricia once again to guide me in finding my next property."

Darious Hasan Mosavi Client Owner 2023

"I recommend Unikk Home for anyone looking to sell their property. After a highly successful sale of my property in the Estepona port area, I did not hesitate to entrust them once again with the sale of my land. The trust they've earned from me is immense, not only because of the smooth and effective handling of my property sale but also due to their comprehensive management of the entire process. Their ability to deliver results and build trust is why I continue to choose their services for my real estate needs."

Antonio Carmona Client Owner 2023

"I was in a bit of a hurry to sell my property, and despite having an exclusivity contract with another agency, Patricia understood my urgent need to sell as quickly as possible. Far from neglecting my situation, she actively worked on my behalf, presenting what I believe were three potential clients in a short time. Impressively, it was with her third client that my property was successfully sold. Patricia handled the entire process with utmost professionalism and a personal touch that made all the difference. I am deeply grateful to Patricia Caceres for her dedication and effective management of the entire operation"

Ángel Sánchez Maldonado Client Owner 2023

"I contacted Unikk Home as I was searching for a vacation apartment with the potential to retire in a location known for its quality of life, tranquility, yet equipped with good services. Patricia from Unikk Home was the agent who assisted me and immediately understood what I was looking for. She guided me towards a new development that perfectly matched my criteria. From that moment, I recognized the genuine care and attention provided by the agency. Unikk Home's deep understanding of the market was instrumental in making informed and successful decisions. Patricia offered me a comprehensive market overview and demonstrated a nuanced understanding of each locality along the Costa del Sol. She took the time to explain the pros and cons of areas from Benalmadena to Manilva, and Estepona versus Marbella, ensuring I found the ideal place that aligned with my desires. Every question I had was answered promptly and in great detail, which gave me tremendous confidence throughout the purchase process. The expertise and valuable advice provided by Unikk Home were crucial in my journey to finding not just a property, but a future home."

Astrid Reclusa Buyer Client 2023

"The sale of my villa in Seghers was impressively quick and efficient, a feat made possible by Patricia Caceres's expertise and dedication. Patricia Caceres managed the swift sale of my villa in Seghers-Estepona with an efficiency that exceeded my high expectations. As someone who is very particular about who enters my home and the level of service required from an agent, I found Patricia's approach to be exemplary. Her professionalism and personable manner ensured that only serious potential buyers were considered, leading to a quick and satisfactory sale."

J. Angel Sáez Client Owner 2023

"During our first visit to Estepona, we walked into the office and were immediately struck by the warmth and attentive service provided by Amber. She swiftly catered to our needs, and then Patricia, the Sales Manager, took the time to really listen and promptly showed us properties that matched our search criteria. What was meant to be a single property purchase turned into buying two incredible properties on the same day. The real estate agency's deep market understanding and the agent's expertise were pivotal in our decision-making process, allowing us to make informed and successful investments. Every question we had was answered thoroughly and quickly, instilling confidence throughout the entire purchase. Working with this agency was an outstanding experience, and we could not be happier with the service and the results."

Javier Mazón Buyer Client 2023

"Selling my villa in Seghers Estepona was remarkably quick and efficient, especially considering it had been on the market for a long time. Patricia Caceres took over the sale and the very first client she introduced ended up purchasing it. She made the entire process smooth with her professionalism and personal approach. I'm grateful to Patricia for handling the entire operation. We continue to work together, focusing on a specific type of real estate, and I must say, our collaboration is outstanding and highly productive."

Salvador G. Vázquez Client Owner 2023

"Selling our apartment was effortless and quick, thanks to Patricia Caceres and the Unikk Home team's professional and personalized approach. Impressed by their efficiency, we've confidently given them more properties to sell. Highly recommend their exceptional services."

Jorge Leonhardt of Lions Home & Services Client Owner 2022

"Selling our apartment was remarkably swift and hassle-free, a testament to the dedication and expertise of the real estate team. So much so, that we immediately entrusted them with other properties we have for sale. Patricia Caceres was exceptional, overseeing the entire process with diligence and care. I wholeheartedly recommend their services without any reservations."

Manuel Torroba Cubrera Client Owner 2023

"I contacted Unikk Home after finding a property in their listings that seemed like a perfect fit for my growing family. We needed to move from our current home, which had become too small with one child and another on the way. The property we were looking for had to be close to all necessary services to accommodate our family's needs. Thanks to Unikk Home, we finally purchased our dream house in the ideal location. We are thrilled with our new home and grateful for the service provided by Unikk Home."

Angel L. Cascón Client Buyer 2023

"Selling my long-time villa through Patricia at Unikk Home was more than just a transaction; it was a journey filled with integrity and personal touch. Her professionalism in handling the sale of my Estepona property brought me peace of mind and turned this experience into something special. Remarkably, this process led to a lasting friendship with both Patricia and the Irish couple who purchased my home. This positive outcome, beyond just a successful sale, created wonderful energy and a sense of community. I highly recommend Patricia for a real estate experience that goes beyond the norm, fostering connections and friendships."

Maria Mercedes Rodriguez Torres Client Owner 2022

"I recently purchased an apartment through Unikk Home, and I must say the entire process was incredibly smooth. The team at Unikk Home always showed a genuine interest in my needs, even after the purchase was finalized. They went above and beyond to address any issues that arose post-sale. I wholeheartedly recommend Unikk Home to anyone in search of a hassle-free real estate experience."

Alejandro Pastor Garcia Client BUYER Feb/ 2024